Sonomatic Confirmation Of Tracheal Intubation (SCOTI)
Multicenter Trial in Process
      A multi-center investigational SCOTI trial is currently in its second year.
      This trial is designed to test SCOTI clinically in actual emergency medical
      and anesthesia practice. Current centers involved include Mount Auburn
      Hospital (Cambridge, Massachusetts), the Brooklyn Hospital Center (New
      York), St. John's Regional Medical Center (Springfield, Missouri), and Akron
      General Medical Center (Ohio).

      The study is entitled, 'A multicenter evaluation of the SCOTI device for
      real-time determination of tracheal tube placement during emergency airway

      Interested centers are invited to download the study protocol below (in
      Adobe Acrobat format). Further questions can be directed to the coordinator
      for this trial, James Li, who can be reached at

      New centers who obtain approval from their Investigational Review Boards
      will receive study materials (including SCOTI devices, acoustic circuits,
      data sheets, and technical support) free of charge.

      (This trial has no corporate or manufacturing sponsorship. Principal
      investigators have no financial interest in this product.)

      These files are presented in .PDF format so that everyone's printed protocol will look the same.

       Protocol.                            116K
       Appendix A.                          27K
       Appendix B (Data Sheet).      54K
       Appendix C.                          14K
       Appendices D through I.    1,858K